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Under 9s V Great Preston Match Report


Due to unavoidable circumstances our original home game against New Rover was cancelled. We were keen not to let a Sunday go by without a game due to the numbers of juniors we have in the club. A big thanks to Great Preston who stepped in at the last minute and kindly offered to have a development match!

Ethan took the role as captain for the first time and did a top job! Great Preston won the toss and opted to field first.

A slight change to our batting order with Harry and Arthur going out first. The boys have played a few times together now and started to really work well as a team. That showed as they got 32 runs collectively with Arthut getting the highest undividual score of the day with 23. Marcus and Louis followed this up with matching the first pair score of 32. This partnership continues to grow 🙌. For the first time out we had Eva and Evie who we couldn't have been more proud of. Both girls have only been to a handful of training sessions and yet had the confidence to go out and play in their first match! There is a lot to take in when playing but the girls did a top job and manged to get an impressive 13 runs!! Well done to you both 👏 Thomas and Ethan finished the batting off for Carlton and both kept a clean sheet with no wickets taken against some excellent bowling from Great Preston. This is only the second time Thomas has played but you wouldn't of thought that watching him. Well done Thomas.

Following on from the day before the team continued to work together when it was Carltons turn to field. The team took 7 wickets in total with Harry, Louis, Arthur, Marcus getting one or more each but a special mention to Eva who got her first. Remember that one Eva 👍 Another call out to Louis who took and incredible catch. Not sure how he even did it but he did. Well done!

Great Preston are an excellent club and side and like us have many developing players which is great for the sport! Well done to both teams 👏

Final score Carlton 276 Great Preston 243

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