A way of life since I was 2 years old! By Susan Simpson

I attended my first cricket match at Carlton when I was 2 weeks old. I arrived in the world on a Saturday afternoon in July so no guessing where my dear dad was, and it wasn't mopping mums brow!!

I have many many memories but my first one is of counting my dads collection when he scored 50 in a Hepworth Cup Final at Headingley in 1960 and proudly holding the cup at the front of the bus as the Lunn's coach bringing us home did a couple of laps of the village.

It's the characters that stand out most for me. Annie Bancroft putting green icing on buns in the tea room with a cig in her mouth. Her husband Norman who was a great fund raiser for the club with raffles ' 2 for a bob '. I recall him once stepping onto the field in the middle of a Cup final to draw the raffle and shaking his biscuit tin.

I could tell stories all day about all of them but people like Arthur Sweet, Geoff Moffat and John Clayton were all brilliant comedians who often had me crying with laughter.

Latterly Mr Stiffie (AKA Brian Hartley) was another person who could make me life til I cried; who could forget his freezer full of ice creams at the cup final. He gave so many away that I think he made about 50p profit!!!

Carlton Cricket Club is a place that we all need to cherish and look after because "if you don't use it you lose it" so they say. It's a place that many of us (including me) take for granted that it will always be in our lives. Let's make 2017 a year where we all renew our enthusiasm and hopefully go on for another 150!!