Happy Anniversary Carlton. By Norman Hazell MBE

While 'out and about', well at Featherstone Town Cricket Club, I heard that your great Club is celebrating a big Anniversary this year.

I have so many happy memories of playing there. Like the time Desmond Haynes and Collis King called in to the clubhouse. I will never forget the way those two lovely men spent time talking to your players, young and old, afterwards. I think they each left their bats as memento which was lovely.

Another time, I came in to bat number 11 and Arthur Sweet went far back. "Where you off Sweety?”, I asked. He told me Alan Wright 'a bit quick for you' pitched ball up hit into rhubarb field.

Laughing, Arthur said, “I bet you can't do it again”. And then with the same ball and the same swing I hit another 6! He was a great character. Just like Jack Field, another lovely man and a great friend. It is a shame that these old characters are no longer around.

I am delighted that you will be playing the MCC in summer. I will spread the word for this fantastic event. Thanks for the memories!