Daniel Hartley breaks the club high score batting record. By Keith Taylor

Back in 1992 Peter Hartley set a club record of 152 v Farsley Celtic, in a game I played in too, I have watched over the years many players try and topple this score, and get out at the crucial time. Well we were only a few games into the season, and we were away at Wrenthorpe, playing top end of the square, it was a fairly pleasant day as I recall.

Winning the toss which is a rare occasion I decided to bat, what I witnessed that day was what I can only describe as some of the best batting I have seen.

Danny Sampson and Darren Read opened the innings, we lost our first wicket at 40, and in strolled Daniel Hartley, now if you have never seen Danny bat, he tends to be a bit nervous in the early stages of an innings, he doesn’t back up very well so quick singles aren’t on the cards. Well today it was no different, playing and missing at every other ball, turning down easy singles the usual Danny. He scraped to 50 not sure how, however then a new Danny arrived some majestic shots, quick singles, looking for 2 and 3’s very hard to understand, how you can scratch your way to 50, and they play a different game!. He was hitting boundaries all over the park and raced into the 90’s. When he passed 3 figures he saluted the lads and the crowd, point one special time to his brother Jordan who emerged from the cabin hut changing rooms to applaud his older brother, then he toddled back inside.

At this point there were 9 overs left to bat, some of the lads myself and Thomas Ward though the club record was on, we had been here before a few times, and the batter had always fallen at the last hurdle, not today. The lads were texting mates saying it was on there was an unusual atmosphere today though, something was different, was it because Danny could pass his dads record?

Simon Parker now joined Danny in the middle with 5 overs to go, we were unsure if Simon knew what could possibly happen today, but Danny had informed him when they met in the middle. Watching from the pavilion was probably as nerve wrenching as it was in the middle, emotions were running very high with everyone who knew what could happen. It’s hard to describe what the feeling and atmosphere was like. Jordan, who had watched nearly all of his brothers innings from the hut, was now outside for the record breaking moment.

Danny went from 149 to 153 with a Peter-esc slog over mid on, took his helmet off and raised his bat to the pavilion. We seemed to be applauding for what felt like an eternity, a truly awesome moment of Carlton history – Pete would have been so proud of this moment. What a fitting time for the record which had stood for 23 years.

Players were over the moon saying:

"I genuinely filled up with emotion when I heard", Jonathan Andrews
"Good lad", Mark Oldroyd
"Fantastic news", David Wills
"What a wonderful thing it’s Peter’s son who broke the record", Keith Barrett