A special place in my heart. By Jaycob Curtling

When I first came to Carlton I was just 18. My first ever time in England was a great experience thanks to Carlton Cricket Club - the team and the club were all really welcoming and we all got on like a house on fire.

I spent two seasons at Carlton and during that time we had some great results, including beating some of the top sides like Wakefield Thorns. I remember we went into bat on a very gloomy day and they had a quick South African overseas player. We were able to get to a half decent total and then our lads bowled us to victory. We finished fourth that year. Probably the funniest moment of the season was seeing Johnny Rudge smacked for 6 by a Batley number 11 after they were convincingly beaten and then the batsmen jumping up in the air in celebration! We had so many other good times like that. I couldn't have thought of a better club for my first visit to the UK and Carlton will always have a special place in my heart.