Congratulations from Jack Gahan

Congratulations to Carlton Cricket Club on your approaching 150th anniversary. I started playing in the Leeds League for Whitkirk in 1949 and in the ensuing years experienced many a good hard match against Carlton.

They were always very competitive, but good natured matches, and it was a pleasure to play in them (especially in the strawberry season when Kenny Oldroyd brought many punnets of lovely fresh strawberries).

A few names from the past come to mind, Arthur Sweet, Kenny Clayborough, Jack Field, Jack Fox and not forgetting Vic "Chucker" Lightowler. I think everyone in the League, except the umpires, knew he warranted his nickname!

Another plus playing at Carlton was when I played for Claytons alongside Carlton resident Billy Newton. After the match he would invite us back to his house, just down the road from the ground, for a slap up buffet.

Over the years Carlton have impressed me with the hard working and loyal committee and the well-kept condition of the ground.

Last but no means least, my thanks to Carlton CC for supporting my Jack Gahan Sunday League for some 7 seasons in the 80's.

My very best wishes for the future of the club.

Kindest regards

Jack Gahan